7-11 Gifts for Kids

7-11 Gifts for Kids

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    Make eco-learning process interesting

    for kids – humanities future environmentalist educators.

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    Keepsake Certificates in 4 designs, 3 titles each design.
    And in 5 colors for each title.
    Parent/Guardian/Adult Certificates in 5 designs
    with different colors.

    For table-top use or wall mounted if framed. 

    A precious item from the person who gave it.
    and a memento in time who receives it.

    To use, ....  or ... to gift!

    For all reasons, occasions, celebrations and seas0ns.

    Includes freebies on eco-educational tools for 7-11 years old.

    10 Videos
    5 e-Books Videos
    5 AudioBooks
    5 Printable e-Books
    Alphabets & Vocabulary Coloring Books
    Numbers & Vocabulary Coloring Books 

    Optional Personalized Free Souvenir!

    Thank you for buying our audio-visual kit. Kid's eco-knowledge!

    Here’s your free optional souvenir! Please watch video.

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    Investing on your child’s eco-education will cost 0.10 ¢ a day for 1 year.
    Check it out as it could be lesser :)


    Keep kids safe at home. Invest now on kids’ eco-education while they are young.

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